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PESCO Online Bill 2021 – Get Duplicate Bill Now!

Last updated on March 6th, 2021 at 08:11 am

Note: Some of the reference numbers have been revised so please enter your new 14 digit reference number as mentioned on your printed electricity bill.

Hey, are you searching for PESCO online bill? Then stay with us; it’s not a big deal. Our website provides you all the services regarding PESCO.

PESCO online bill:

Peshawar Electric Supply Company that supplies the electricity and covers the area of Peshawar. It distributes a consistent amount of power to several customers. The famous company provides electricity with the management of Wapda. PESCO is a well-equipped company offers services to the customer for their comfort. The basic services that provide by the company are online bill checking and paying system. However, by using these services, customers can pay or check the bill effortlessly. The customer takes advantage of these services and pays the bill from their homes and workplaces etc.

PESCO Online Bill

How can you pay PESCO Online Bill?

To provide comfort to the customers, PESCO offers the service of viewing the bill’s status on the website. For this purpose, put the reference number in the reference field. After this, click on the submit button. Finally, the status of the bill will show on the screen.

How to obtain a Reference Number?

The essential information required for the details of your connection is the reference number. OH!!! It’s a big problem with getting the reference number and where you get the reference number? Stay tuned with us. Our website provides you with complete guidelines on how to obtain the reference number.

Furthermore, it’s not very difficult to find out. You need your previous month’s bill because the reference number is written on the bill’s top right corner. However, the reference number is unique for every meter connection and assigned by the company.

Check you bill by clicking the button below:

pesco online bill

How do I download PESCO Bill?

Does the problem arise? What happens if you lost your bill? If the bill is misplaced or not reach on your doorstep or exchange due to the courier person’s mistake, you can’t pay the bill. It’s a big issue. Still, you have no worries about this. PESCO provides the solution to this problem, too, and offers the service of the duplicate bill. First of all, you enter the reference number of your connection and Press enter on the submit button—finally, the duplicate copy of your invoice shown on your system’s screen. You can also print the duplication copy of the invoice. For this purpose, press the combination of two keys ctrl+p. Moreover, if the printer is not available, then download the bill on the system.

You can also check gepco online bill.

How can you check PESCO Online Bill?

The procedure to pay the bill is not a hectic task. You follow the few steps to pay the payment of the bill online. Firstly, enter the reference number in the reference field. Secondly, Press the submit button. Finally, choose the option for payment. PESCO provides the facility to pay the bill online through all the banks, and other methods tell in the next paragraph.

If you want to calculate your bill, then you can check our electricity bill calculator.

Payment methods for PESCO online bill

PESCO allows you to pay the bill from different methods for the comfort of the customer. The customer can pay the bill from anywhere because the place is doesn’t matter. They can pay from their homes, offices, markets, organization, etc. Furthermore, customers can avail of the offers through apps installing from their respective banks’ play store. Moreover, customers can pay bills online through all commercial banks, all post offices, Nadra collections point, Easypaisa, and one link. All these methods detect the payment mentioned on the bill.

New Connection Application online:

PESCO offers the services through which customers can apply to a new connection for the new place. The information required for using the new connection online application. Firstly select the connection type either the connection is commercial, agriculture, domestic or industrial. Secondly, select the company and the subdivision. Furthermore, it required the customer’s personal and contact information. In the last, attach some important documents like CNIC, property Document copy, and Press on the submit button. Finally, pop up the message on the screen to successfully submit the application.

Areas covered by Peshawar Electricity Supply Company

In Peshawar, the PESCO was distributed into eight parts and supplied the electricity in all the parts. Moreover, the eight parts are Peshawar, Swat, Swabi, Hazara-1, Hazara-2, Bannu, Khyber, and Mardan.

Furthermore, PESCO also delivers solutions to the problem that belongs to Peshawar and their surrounding areas regarding electricity. If the customer has any objection about the company’s services, then the company and its team workers are available for their dear customers.

Working Hours

PESCO office’s working hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The office will open from Monday to Saturday and two hours break for jummah prayer on Friday. If the customer has any issue related to PESCO services, then remember the timetable.

Contact information:

Theft reporting       [email protected]

Billing complaints    [email protected]

Suggestion               [email protected]

Other Complaints    [email protected]

UAN                         111-000-128


How to control the low voltage issue in the area?

In this situation, contact with SDO of the city and also tell the address of your house. After some time, PESCO takes action against this complaint.

The Installment of the bill is possible?

Yes, Installment is possible for those who are not paying the bill for the previous two or three months. The bill is equally divided into three installments. Installments are not reasonable for running a bill or the current month of the bill.

I want to open the shop in my living place. I already have a domestic connection. Is there any need to change my connection from local to commercial?

Yes, you have to change your connection for your ease. You have to pay the charges of

  • current bill
  • the material used to change the connection
  • security fees

History of PESCO.

PESCO stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company. The company is located in Peshawar and delivers electricity and related electricity services to approximately 2.6 million regions and their adjacent districts. It is a well-equipped company that distributed the maintained amount of power.

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