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Are you looking for iesco online bill? You are at the right place. Check your electric bill from this website by entering the reference number of the electricity bill in the reference field. After that, click the button Check your bill now, and you will have the latest statement on your screen.

Some of the reference numbers have been revised so please enter your new 14 digit reference number as mentioned on your printed electricity bill.

Check Your IESCO Bill:

Entre Your Reference Number Below:

IESCO online bill

Islamabad Electricity Company aims to provide a consistent and continual electricity supply to its administered areas. It is offering many advantages to its customers, whereas the online billing system is just tremendous. You do not need to stand in queue and wait for your turn in bank to pay it. Keep enjoying your office and home routine. Pay your bill online whenever you want before the due date. This online service is available 24/7.

How to check Online IESCO Bill?

Iesco allows you to check online bills with simple steps. First of all, 14 digits of the reference number are required. After that, your electricity bill will appear on your screen. Monthly, you find your electric bill on your doorway. Maybe you missed it this month, and you want to see it online. To reduce stress here is an easy way to find your bill with reference no. If you forget the reference number, this website will help you to search for this.

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IESCO Online Bill

Obtain Reference Number

Checking and paying online bills are not tricky tasks. Here is a complete guide for you in easy steps. Firstly, you need to have the previous statement from where you can get the reference number. According to new research, WAPDA online bill system updates reference numbers for some reason. So, you need to have last month’s bill to get the updated reference number for a successful transaction.

If you already know where the reference number places on the bill, ignore this section. Otherwise, see the top left area of the bill and try to find it.

IESCO Online Bil

Find new reference; if you have no latest bill

Often, you misplaced your last month’s bill where the latest consumer/reference number placed. Now you need a new one, but you do not know how to get it?

It is nothing to be worried about because this website allows you to find the latest reference number with a simple step. Please put your old reference number in the old ref field and click the search button. You will get your latest reference number.

When you get Reference No. and click the button check your bill now which is given above, this site will open your bill on the screen. By using this process, find out all measures from the previous year to the current month.

You may also check HESCO online bill.

How to find a duplicate copy of your bill?

Sometimes you could not get your bill due to some reasons, or you may forget where you kept your bill. However, it is a very problematic situation for you that also increase your anxiety.

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You think, “How will I pay the bill before the due date?” Be relaxed; you are living in a global era where such problems solve in seconds.

Click the button below, put the reference numbers of the old bill, and get a duplicate bill copy. Not just the latest bill but also previous bill records with no delay.

Press Ctrl button +P from your PC printed copy is ready for you. If you have no facility with the printer, download your electricity bill Iesco.

You can view downloaded copy anytime, whether you are offline or online. You may also want to check Mepco online bill.

Payment Methods for Iesco online bill

Now you can pay your Iesco online bills from home, office, or anywhere in simple steps. For providing you with more ease, Iesco gives multiple options for payment.

  • JazzCash
  • Easypaisa
  • Bank apps and offline bank
  • Official website
  • Mobile shops

These options are like an android app launched by your bank, official websites of the banks, or even through Easypaisa and JazzCash.

Areas covered by Islamabad Electricity Supply Company:

The Electricity Supply Company of Islamabad is supplying power to the whole region of Islamabad. Additionally, neighboring cities named as Attock, Jehlum, and Kashmir are also being entertained by this. Islamabad power Supply Company is assigned to fix the problems of the citizens living in the mentioned areas. If you belong to this area and have some issues related to electricity must contact the team workers there.

Working Hours

From Monday to Saturday, the working time is from 9 am to 5 pm. Furthermore, Sunday is off, and there are 2 hours break on Friday for Jummah prayers. However, if you want to visit for any complaint or issue, remember this schedule.

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Contact details

  • Address: Islamabad electricity Supply Company head office Street 40, G-7/4 Sector Islamabad.
  • HelpLine: 118
  • Phone: 051-9252937, 051-9252938, 051-9252939
  • Fax: 051-9252927
  • Facebook:


Can we pay the iesco bill online?

JazzCash and Easypaisa are straightforward applications to pay your Islamabad electricity bills from cell phones. Furthermore, you can use the ATM or online banking system for bill payments.

How can I know my electricity bill by meter number?

Type all digits of the Account number before (-) in new SMS from your mobile.

For example, if 11223344-55 is your account # type only 11223344

Send it to 95551

Within a second, you will have all details by an automatic message.

About IESCO:

IESCO stands for Islamabad Electric Supply Company and provides electric amenities in Islamabad. It was initiated in 1998 to facilitate the electricity board area of Islamabad and then converted into Division of the WAPDA. IESCO took the responsibility of distribution and smooth flow of electricity from the locality of Attock to the Jhelum area, in addition to this, it also covers the area from Indus River to the Neelam River in Kashmir. According to the survey, 2.8 million end users are getting benefitted from it. And about 25 million human beings are entertained by its services and lived in 6 districts.

iesco bill

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