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TESCO Online Bill 2021 – Check Latest Bill

Last updated on March 6th, 2021 at 08:10 am

Note: Some of the reference numbers have been revised so please enter your new 14 digit reference number as mentioned on your printed electricity bill.

If you are searching for TESCO online bill, then you don’t need to worry because this website offers you multiple solutions to your different problems related to TESCO.

TESCO Online Bill:

TESCO stands for the Trible Areas Electric Supply Company. Trible areas Electric Supply Company supplies the electricity under the management of WAPDA in tribal areas and also covers the other neighboring zone. TESCO gives comfort to its customers by providing numerous services. One of the best services is online billing.

Obtain Reference Number

The procedure of checking and paying the bill on the website is not very difficult. Our website offers you proper guidance about the method of how to find the reference number. The only thing for this process you need is your previous bill. First of all, take your last bill and see the right top corner of the bill there will be mentioned 14 digit reference number. Every bill has its reference number that is assigned by WAPDA. And for proper transactions, you need to write your latest reference number on that field where the reference number is required. And in such a case, if you have no latest bill, then press that button below and pull-out the previous reference number, and then after pressing the submit button, you can easily get your reference no on the screen.

tesco online bill

How can you check TESCO Online Bill?

TESCO offers many services like a customer service center, Incentive packages, complaint system, and online billing. The company provides ease to its customer in delivering the services. All services are the comfort for the users, but online billing is the best among all because this service needs every month to pay the bill. The essential information for the online billing system is the reference number. Firstly, Put the reference number in the box and check again either the reference number enter correctly. Secondly, Click on the submit button. Finally, the system automatically generates the bill on the screen. You can also take the print of the bill by pressing the print command (CRTL+P). Moreover, if the printer is not available, then simply download the bill in PDF format. You can save your bill in any folder on the system.

How to get a duplicate copy of your bill?

The customer faces many problems, but the primary issue is “what happens? If the bill misplaced by the customer or lost due to a certain reason,” In this tough time, TESCO is with you to solve the problem. The company provides the facility to take a duplicate copy of the bill. Firstly enter the reference button and press the submit button. Finally, the statement of the current bill is pop up on the screen.

You can now check the SNGPL bill.

Payment methods for TESCO online bill:

TESCO provides the facility; the customer can pay a bill online. The consumers can pay the bill at their home places and workplaces without disturbing their work. By flowing simple steps, you can pay the bill online effortlessly. The company allows the consumer to pay the bill with different methods. Moreover, Tribal Electric Supply Company gives you multiple choices in terms of the payment method. The customer can pay the bill via all official bank websites, all post offices, MobiCash, and Easypaisa.

Areas covered by Tribal Areas Electricity Supply Company

The area of Tribal area spreads approximately 1200KM. It contains seven organizations and six FRs that located beside the Afghanistan borderline. TESCO supplies the electric power to the seven agencies. Moreover, the name of agencies are as following

  • Mohmand Agency
  • Kurram Agency,
  • South Waziristan Agency
  • Bajur Agency
  • Orakzai Agency
  • North Waziristan Agency
  • Khyber Agency

However, the name of FRs are following

  • Tank
  • FR Deraa Ismail Khan,
  • FR Lakki,
  •  Peshawar
  • FR Kohat
  • FR Bannu,

Furthermore, TESCO also facilitates by providing a solution to the problems. If any issue regarding the TESCO in these above mention areas. Then the company and their team workers will solve your problem.

Working Hours

The employees are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and the days from Monday to Saturday. Moreover, two hours break on Friday for the prayer of jummah. If any customer want to visit for any purpose, then keep the schedule in your mind

Contact details of TESCO

TESCO Head Office: 213-Mini WAPDA House, Shami Road, Peshawar, Pakistan

Phone Number: 091-9212964

Fax Number: 091-9212950

Email ID: [email protected]

Website: www.tesco.gov.pk

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